No Frame Tel Aviv, Israel Photography: Benjo Fischer, Kelly Levym Jessica Frykman Contributing writer: Nataly Safir, Natalie Salhov Content Editor: Rebecca Kazhdan Special Thanks: Linda Goldstein

Sasha Abramovich, also known as BreakPhreak, is a self-employed electronic musician and photographer. Photography is one of his passions and his experience includes fine photography, analogue, and lomography. His experiments with film prove to be virtually enchanting while indulging us to skewed perspectives of our beloved Tel Aviv. Sasha self proclaims that he collects items and he "[Will] examine them for days on end, arranging pieces into mosaic, trying to understand how imperfections affect visual aesthetics. [I] look for their connections to create an artificial context, [by] merging reality and imagination." BreakPhreak is co-Founder of 'Lomography Israel' Check out the group on facebook.

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