Italian balsamic reduction, Israeli Tahina, French passion fruit puree, kibbutz made honey, organic cold-pressed olive oil, coco powder imported from Holland: at a glance this looks like a list of required ingredients to prepare a gourmet meal. Yet, it’s all part of the genius concept of Kafoo, an assortment of silky frozen yogurt flavors garnished with eccentric dessert toppings. The experience begins with a tart yogurt made from fresh Israeli milk products, continues with fresh cut local fruits, and tops it all off with exotic garnishes such as ginger, pumpkin seeds, sea salt and you get a dessert that is both unbelievably delicious and deceptively healthy. The delectable dish provides a healthy dose of vitamins A, B, C, folic acid, and zinc with less than 1.3% fat, proving to all the rebels that being bad can actually be good.

Kafoo started off the recent frozen yogurt craze in Tel Aviv and with the upcoming hot and humid summer, it is a perfect complement to your day: morning, noon, or night! The formula for the delectable yogurt at Kafoo was perfected for over a year. The researchers’ utilized laboratories in Europe, consulted with several nutritionists, tested PH levels, and counted cultures, to achieve Kafoo’s captivating taste. You will immediately get addicted to this healthy summer treat, and be pleased with the friendly service. Two regular patrons, a mother and daughter, walk miles from outside Tel Aviv to Kafoo. They have turned going to Kafoo into a regimented exercise routine, and the yogurt became their motivator and treat.

Naomi Gallego, the head pastry chef at the Fairmont Hotel in Pittsburgh, says a good dessert has an element of each flavor. Every dessert should be a bit salty, sweet, sour and slightly bitter. It is with that premise that David walked away from his job on Wall Street and followed his passion for innovative yogurt by opening Kafoo two years ago, the first gourmet yogurt bar in Tel Aviv. He was able to prove to himself and his customers that these seemingly disparate flavors can be harmoniously unified.

David is a stickler for quality, even though it adds more work and drives up expenses. Every element incorporated into the yogurt is about quality ingredients, starting from the base and all the way down to the sauces. Each sauce contains at least one ingredient which is imported from a different country: Italy, France, Holland, Israel (the tahina). The sauces, which are made from real fruit, are bursting with unique and delicious flavors. The fruit toppings are cut fresh on the spot, dismissing the chance of finding a floppy strawberry or a browned banana in your yogurt. David says his favorite yogurt is the plain yogurt with no toppings and he enjoys it multiple times each day, as he proudly claims, "Kafoo is a functional food."

Cool, smooth yogurt in an urban and chic neighborhood atmosphere is certainly a suiting summer oasis as well as a next generation product. This is not just your day to day fro-yo, Kafoo is an experience that will be continually enjoyed time and time again. At Kafoo yogurt you can be daring with your toppings and good to your body.


Kafoo Yogurt

Ibn Gvirol 8, Tel Aviv

T: 03.609.2111

Cuisine: Real Frozen Yogurt